Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Hi, guys. I'm having a great week.

I don't know if you could tell for the last few weeks, but I was in a pretty bad funk. The weight and food issues were really wreaking havoc on my emotions and my body. I was grumpy (to put it mildly) and mostly wanted to lay on the couch all day.

But something turned around this week. I am eating better, feeling better, and getting a lot of things done.

This weekend we are expecting overnight guests. I love to have overnight visitors because 1. It's nice to see our friends and 2. It motivates me to do some serious cleaning. I have especially been focusing on S's room, where our friends will sleep during their visit. In addition to being strewn with toys all the time, S's room is somehow also filthy. I'm thinking that snacks during rest time are the main culprits. The carpet looked disgusting, so today I broke out the SpotBot. This is a marvelous piece of machinery, on indefinite loan to us from Nate's parents, ever since a certain poopy incident last year. I ended up doing pretty much the whole floor, as it was seemingly covered in spots. I'm glad I did it today instead of waiting; the soapy clean smell is overwhelming right now. By Friday it should be less offensive.

Other cleaning accomplishments have been cleaning the bathtub (!!!!), and actually moving furniture in order to vacuum. It's crazy. I really like to have a clean house, but these days it just isn't happening. When I was pregnant with T, I started using the FlyLady system of cleaning. It was effective. In the months leading up to our homebirth, the apartment was spic and span. But I felt like I was cleaning all the time. There's no way I could do that now, especially with all my new distractions like the etsy shop and this blog. Oh yeah, and two wiley boys. Some day maybe I'll return to FlyLady, or a different system. For now, my system is: let the house go to hell until guests are expected, then clean clean clean! It works well enough.
I bought new hats for the boys from Babai Alainn. I gave the shop positive feedback, because I do love the hats. But they haven't worked out perfectly.
The red in S's hat is much brighter than I expected. To my eye, the bright of the red doesn't go well with the oatmeal accent. I thought it would be a deeper red (and the picture is a bit darker, see?) Also, even though I sent in his measurements and had this hat custom made for S (at no extra charge), it still doesn't cover his ears. I'm afraid this hat won't work for really cold weather.And here is T's hat. Too big!
I tied the little braids up on top of the hat, and I think it will work. He can grow into it.He had been crying, poor kid, and I made him pose for pictures.Overall, I still love the look of these chunky hats. I need to check on my Paypal funds, but I'm thinking of getting another hat for S, this time in the earflap style. Want to keep those ears warm! I know it might seem crazy to get a third hat from the same seller. What can I say? That Babai Alainn model is a damn good salebaby.

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