Thursday, November 29, 2007

Five Years of "For Better"

Today Nate and I have been married for five years.

And tonight we are going on a proper date! That should be fun.

I don't know what to say about this milestone. I could say all the things you'd expect... that it's been hard but also rewarding. That I love him more as each year passes. That I'm happier with him than I ever dreamed possible.

Thing is, all these cliches are true for me. So it feels a little cheesy to write them all out. But I guess I did it anyway.

Happy anniversary, Natey.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations. I am so happy for you - five years is a big deal. It will be 8 for us on Dec 18. Crazy. Also, that is a stunningly beautiful crown you are wearing and whoever you borrowed that from must be really cool.
sarah hedman

Angela said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Every time I talk to my dad on the phone he says, 'I miss you and think you're crazy for moving to Spain, but ignore me, I'm just a crazy old man. Remember that the most important thing is you and Oli and your relationship. Everything else stems from that.' So, I hope you had a great night out because fun times = a good relationship and great family life. LOVE, Angela

PS - LOVE LOVE LOVE the advent calendar. Oli's mom got us 25 little slippers with numbers sewn in them and wooden clothes pins, so we'll be hanging those up with goodies in them to count down the days. I can't wait for a year or two to pass and me to have myself as together as Momma Laura does....Keep on craftin' lady.

Colin said...

congratulations you guys! I remember that day as if it were yesterday. Nate made us all cry when he started crying. . . thanks a lot, Nate.

And I still have my groomsman suit. Maybe I should have worn it yesterday in honor of the anniversary?

Bonnie said...

congrats, young lady. we're coming up on a year and it feels really wierd.
i look at that picture and i think, "that's a lotta lipstick." :)

Maiasaura said...

Thanks, everybody!

Sarah - That crown is still my favorite part of my whole wedding day ensemble. So thank you.

Ang - Your dad's advice is sweet and sound. The slipper calendar sounds adorable. I considered making one out of socks on a string before settling on the boxes. I hope Lily enjoys the countdown.

Mr. Cow - You mean you DON'T wear your suit every year on our anniversary? I thought you were our friend.

Bonnie - I'm maybe more excited about your anniversary than you are, because I know about a sweet surprise coming your way. You will love it.