Friday, November 16, 2007

finally friday

Whew! I feel like I've been running since my feet hit the ground this morning. I knew there was a reason I agreed to post everyday this month... this moment of sitting on the couch and writing a post makes that commitment totally worthwhile.
Kids' Club today. Theme: It's a Big World. S was disappointed when I explained that it had nothing to do with this PBS show.
I'm feeling proud about leaving the TV off all morning. I've developed a bad habit of letting T watch TV while S's at school so that I can get some work done. But I know it isn't good for him.
Leaving the TV off allowed us to have a nice morning together. I felt like I found a good rhythm of playing with him for a bit, working for a bit, and then playing more. As we've struggled with the tantrums this month, I had almost forgotten how easy it can be to make him smile. Today I had him laughing for 15 minutes just by saying "Moo," as he repeatedly handed me a toy cow.

At last, here are pictures of our leaf collages. Above, S depicts a monster "with five eyes and one nose." Below, a crazy-haired creature I made. Rufina thought it looked like a frog, and I have to agree.
And here are the collages from our playdate yesterday. S's (above) is a porcupine. Elizabeth (below) made a "leaf pile to jump into."Spent a good part of the morning taking pictures of three new pieces of mounted embroidery. It was dark in the house and too darn cold to go outside (also, I didn't want to get the cloth dirty), so I struggled to take good photos. I tried some tips from this etsy tutorial to compensate for the poor lighting. I'm not sure how much it helped. I thought my brain might explode as I tried to read it. I guess it's been a long time since I tried to learn something completely new. Now I know why S can get so darn frustrated when I ask him to try a new task. Currently we are working on buttons, and after several mornings of being near tears (both of us), he is getting the hang of unbuttoning his pajama shirt.
Anyway, three new embroidery pieces are up in the shop now. Check them out here.

One last [miraculous] thing to share today. Look at these cookies. Meijer Ultimate Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies. They are my absolute favorite. I bought these on WEDNESDAY. AND THEY'RE STILL HERE. Both Wednesday and Thursday I ate only one, at the end of the day. I've been going strong again on the Weight Watchers for about a week and a half now. Usually buying a huge package of cookies would be the end of my diet, but somehow this time I have been able to keep myself from plowing through them. I have no idea where this self control suddenly came from, but I really hope it sticks around until I'm thin again.

Have a great weekend, everyone! I'll be back to say a quick hello tomorrow, of course. Can't give up now, I'm half way there!


Jay M. said...

Ok, two things.

One, that's the cutest photo of Theo peeking through the easel.

And two, holy cow. You are the freakin' champion of moms! Customized lunch bags, personalized snacks, crafting, photos, playdates, and refinishing furniture. And still enough energy to record it all so we can enjoy it.

Thanks Laura, and good job mom!

Angela said...

Yeah, Angela here resurfacing from blog comment oblivion. Indeed, where do you get the time to take the photos, write the thoughtful entry, and post it?! Well done. As for will power being tough, word. Additionally, Theo is turning into a real kid!!! And finally, leaf collages, I love them.

Maiasaura said...

thanks, guys. love your encouragement. totally feeling bolstered over here.