Friday, November 23, 2007

Christmas with a Seventeen Month Old, or The Year We had to Hang All the Ornaments on the Top Half of the Tree

Nate and I both woke up feeling lousy, with head aches and sore throats. But when the boys came downstairs and were so adorably thrilled to see the tree, we knew we had to muster some energy to do a proper tree-trimming with them. So we did, and we eventually felt better.

I knew T would be interested in the ornaments. My plan was to put all the breakable ornaments on the upper half of the tree, and only leave more sturdy ones at his level. We put all the wooden and cloth ornaments on the bottom of the tree. Even then, we sustained some casualties (see picture below).
The reindeer's antlers were too fragile. That wasn't his fault. All of the other injuries involved the breaking off of a loop. I think I'll be able to fix them.
I have a feeling that, as the weeks pass, all of our ornaments will continue to migrate northward.

Maybe next year we'll be able to decorate the whole tree again.

This week, Nate and S have been playing a little Super Mario Galaxy together. S adores playing this game with his daddy. And, even though I have mixed feelings about kids playing video games, I have to admit it is super cute to watch them play it together. Anyway, there is a level on the game where gravity pulls Mario down, then to the side, then up, then down again, etc. It's pretty crazy. S said to Nate, "That tickled my brain."
Let's try to enter that phrase into the lexicon, okay, guys? It's comparable to the phrase, "It blew my mind." Except way better, because my kid said it.


Bonnie said...

Oh my gosh - I love it! "That tickeled my brain." I'm gonna have to try that one out and see how people react. :)

Maiasaura said...

i know, isn't it cute???
when you have yours, bon, you've got to write down all the crazy tihngs they say. otherwise you'll forget. just a little unsolicited pointer. :-)