Friday, November 2, 2007

before and after

Today we were slated to take a trip to Southern Illinois to visit my grandma. She isn't feeling well, though, and asked us to postpone. I hope we can see her soon.

Nate took the day off for the (cancelled) trip. He was going to go to school with S. It would have been his first time to be the parent-helper (a once-a-month obligation at our cooperative preschool), and S was very excited. Plans changed again, however, when S woke up feeling lousy. Nate ended up staying home with the boys while I went to S's school alone... it was too late to switch with another family. So, we did a lot of shuffling of plans today, and I'm plum tired out.

I have been trying to grow my hair out... I had visions of a super hip hair-do: long hair with super short bangs. However, things on the hair front have not been proceeding in accordance with my vision.

I never wear my hair down. It's ALWAYS in a pony-tail. So what is the point of having long hair that I never wear down? Exactly.
Also, my hair is thin. And a few months ago I had it cut by a man who "texturized" the crap out of my hair, which is to say he made it much thinner.
See those whispy bits? Eww. Not good. Today I decided life is too short to suffer through an unflattering haircut. Thus, the change:
I've always liked myself in a bob. My hair was kind of like this (minus the bangs) when Nate and I got married. And I loved my hair that day.
The lady who cut my hair was nice. I liked her. But when she asked if I wanted her to dry and style my hair, I didn't expect her efforts to go beyond round brush and hair dryer. She used those two tools, plus 4 kinds of volumizing hair product, a flat iron, and super-firm hold hair spray. Basically, she "styled" me for a prom in 1985.

Witness the bouffant.Oh well. The bouffant will be gone after tomorrow's shower. And I am really happy to have a cute, easy haircut again.
Nate and I are going to watch Spiderman 3 tonight. I'll report back tomorrow.


Colin said...

Laura, you're quite beautiful with your hair in any style or length. Way to be a hot mom.
However, Nate should grow his hair out to at least the length of your bob cut. That would be the greatest, funniest look ever.

Hope you guys didn't hate Spiderman 3 as much as everyone else that saw it; it's kind of cool actually.

Jay M. said...

I agree. You look great! and Nate would look awesome with a bob.

Maiasaura said...

Aw, thanks for the compliments, guys.

Unfortunately, I cannot lend my support to your campaign for Nate to grow a bob. He actually came close to a bob in high school. And I think that period of long hair was long enough to last him a lifetime.