Friday, November 9, 2007

another one bites the dust, hey hey

Tonight all I have for you is another finished chair. The colors on the seat are pretty subdued, while the paint on the spindles really pops. I am enjoying the combination.
So, the craft bazaar is a month away, and I still have two projects to finish: one is a custom chair for Beth's niece, the other is a doll cradle. I'll also need to make up cute little tags for everything and price all my pieces (one of the hardest parts for me). Timewise, I think I'm in good shape. Just need to keep chugging along.


Jay M. said...

Nice job, I really like the color accents on this one.

Also, I totally agree with you about the treeblocks. I remember seeing those a few years back, and hearing really great things about them. I think it's a good idea overall, getting kids into building toys, and those in general where they're encouraged to use their imaginations.

Plus, with all the recalls that are going on lately, you'll probably be better off with toys of a more "crafty" nature. I had a great uncle who made wooden toys for years. Trains, cars, pull-alongs, blocks and puzzles.

Aside from a couple things, those toys were definitely my most cherished, and by far the most durable.

Good job, mom!

Maiasaura said...

Thank you, Jay. I think lots of people think my anti-plastic mindset is crazy, so I seriously appreciate the support! :-)