Thursday, October 11, 2007

Will Oldham as Vocabulary Teacher

On this grey day, we listened to Bonnie Prince Billy's "The Letting Go." This album is good music for driving under cloudy skies, just fyi. S was quiet in the back seat as we drove home from Target. He picked up some words from the music.
"Mom, what does enemy mean?" I give my most basic explanation of the concept of enemies.
"Mom, what does anemone mean?" I smile and we talk about the sea creatures whose names sound an awful lot like enemy.
"Mom, what does magnificent mean?" Great, wonderful, perfect, amazing.
"Mom, I'm amazing, right?" Right, S. Right you are.

A little back story before the last one. Inside Target, S spied a dinosaur toy he wanted. Really, really wanted. He asked if we could buy it, I explained that we could not, and the next ten minutes were a struggle, a negotiation. We agreed the toy could be a birthday gift. I'm banking on the possibility that he will have forgotten by then, as the toy involves sand. Anyway, back to Bonnie Prince Billy in the car...

"Mom, what does generous mean?" Surprisingly hard to express, I said things like,
"If you like to give things to other people, you are generous. If you give gifts and love to give gifts, you are generous. If someone needs money and you give them money, you are generous."
"So, mom, if you got that dinosaur toy for me, you would be generous, right?" Right again! Just call him Subtle S.

More smiles later in the day. We headed over to the nearby school playground to burn off some energy. On Thursdays it's important for all little people to be asleep by 7:30, before 30 Rock comes on.

To see this little boy walking around like a normal little boy is boggling my mind. Where is my baby?! He walked all the way to the playground and back. Unbelievable.
Lots of climbing, sliding, and rosy cheeks. Waiting for his big brother to come down.....

...whee!!! This slide is super steep, thus the slightly scared look on S's face.

Currently a big fan of the funny lip moves. Love to catch those in a picture. Usually I'm too slow.

And my plan worked. Snoring by 7:30. Lovely.

Finally, back to Will Oldham, aka Bonnie Prince Billy. I love watching him dance in this video. Didn't want to embed it here, as there is some swearing in the song. But click here if you are interested in watching a video that is at once absurd and funny and somehow hauntingly beautiful. Weird, I know.

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Colin said...

the boys look great. I'm planning on coming to see you when Brian leaves me his car for a week when he goes on vacation. It's in a couple weekends. Hope you're around :)