Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Today is Nate's birthday. Here's how we did it up.Yesterday S worked on a gift for his daddy. He illustrated and wrote a story, which I helped make into a book. He was very proud. I'll try to show you more details tomorrow.
While we were working on the gift, T was in the living room working on his own project. Stunning craftsmanship, I must say.
I got up early this morning to make the birthday boy some raspberry pancakes. Most of my gifts were of the edible variety.
Dusted with confectioner's sugar and drizzled with lemon juice. Yum.
Daddy loved the book. S was bashfully proud.

Here are the cupcakes. Next time I will try to follow the instructions. They were supposed to be filled with batter to the 1/2 point, not 2/3 (or sometimes even 3/4). Oops. A little careless, on my part. Baking is really not my forte.

Still, they were tasty and cute.
S and I share a passion for the crunchy sprinkles.


Birthday dinner was super-favorite pesto pizza.

And it was all for this guy...

Sweetest, best, and most fantastic husband, partner, friend, and father.
Happy birthday, babe. We love you.

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Colin said...

big ups to the birthday boy!