Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tonight we turned on the heat.

When I wrote that title I was referring to the literal act of turning on the gas forced air in our house. But it reminds me of a phrase often uttered by the "announcer" on Dance Dance Revolution, which we bought yesterday. "Turning up the heat!" Or sometimes he says, "Player 2 [that's me], bringing the heat!" We are both pretty awful at the DDR, but we're hoping to improve through dedicated nightly dance sessions after the boys are in bed. I'm finding it impossible to crawl out of bed for start-of-day exercise now that it's chilly and dark in the morning. I'm hoping DDR and maybe Wii boxing will pass for sufficient cardio during the cold, dark months ahead of us.

Besides the acquisition of the Wii (Nate's birthday gift) and The Hottest Party, things have been pretty normal here. I am feeling busy and tired. As T grows more curious and more able to explore his whims, I notice my free time diminishing. I'm starting to feel like I can't take my eyes off him. At least once every day there is a loud thud followed by shrieks of pain. I will find my babe on the floor, with a red mark on his cheek or chin. Turns out his legs weren't quite long enough to get him from that chair to that table, or that toy piano wasn't quite stable enough to support his ascent to the window sill. Sigh...... I'm seriously considering skipping the Christmas tree this year, sad as it would make me. Seems like a disaster waiting to happen. We'll see.

Highlights reel from last week:
Meet Michael and Snort, twin triceratops brothers. They are the stars of a lot of daytime dramas around here. I love their names.
Official chauffeur, driving us to my parents' house. Needs sunglasses, I think.
A rare peaceful moment for this guy, who hates the car.
Carrying on with the regularly scheduled goofiness, this one.
The brood of cousins. Mine are the oldest and youngest right now.
In 5 days I turned this chair:
Into this. Go ahead, you can say it. I'm a genius. Why, thank you.
I'm really happy with the delicious, shiny candy colors of this one. This is the third little peacemaker chair I have completed. As I've mentioned before, I plan to sell it and its companions at the holiday bazaar of our old church in Chicago. I think the peaceful people of Wellington will like them quite a bit.
Would that it were so...

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