Sunday, October 14, 2007

***time warp***

At last year's Fall Festival, we looked like this:
I was much bigger, T was much smaller! In the sling, see? That little stripey hood. That's him.

I think S may have grown two feet since then.

And, fast forward to the present. Here was the one moment of the day they spent together. The rest of the day we had to divide and conquer as the boys explored the park in opposite directions.
Daddy and T were buds most of the day.
S shows off his sucker-sucking skills.
The zoo was free today. We popped in for a quick tour. T was a fan of the meerkats.And here we are on the hayrack ride. All in all, a stellar outing.
Other weekend stuff:
-I heart Wario Ware. Nate's birthday is Tuesday, so we considered this to be his birthday weekend. As part of his special treatment, he requested that I play video games with him. Sweetie that he is, he didn't make me play Mortal Kombat. Wario Ware is right up my alley... cute animation, quick snippets of gameplay, and a good range of difficulty levels. Nate was much better. Or was I just pretending to fail because it was his birthday weekend? I guess WE'LL NEVER KNOW.
-A shop-owner from Omaha contacted me about selling my magnets in her shop. She asked about my "wholesale terms," and I have been struggling to come up with some. It's a good problem to have, though. I'm nervous and excited, both.
That's all for now. Happy Sunday to ya'll.


Em said...

Hey that is great about the store thing. If you are interested, I can get some friends to start saving their baby lids - sounds like if you want to make more, they will sell. Very exciting!

Maiasaura said...

absolutely! that goes for anyone! i would love more lids. thanks, em.