Friday, October 5, 2007


* It's been a hectic week here, and we are entering into a busy weekend as well. The weekend activities we have planned should be fun and relaxing, but the process of getting ready and out the door on time can be hairy. Still, I'm glad the weekend has arrived.

* Today S has Kid's Club after his regular class. He'll be gone from 8:30 to 2:00, almost like a full school day. I hope to get a lot accomplished. This means keeping the tv off, keeping the internet surfing to a minimum, and keeping T out of trouble while I focus on my work.

* Did anyone else catch this interview with Devra Davis on Fresh Air yesterday?

It was interesting. And, not to be an alarmist, but I'm pretty well convinced that this woman is right. I think we do a decent job of keeping nasty chemicals out of our house. I'm all about the Method cleaning supplies. I am concerned about a few things...
-Plastic toys. We are swimming in them. For Christmas, I really want to advocate for safer toys... Wood, handmade,etc, instead of plastic toys from China. My dream is to have a house full of wood toys with safe paints, instead of dangerous plastics and the possibility of lead. I don't know if that can happen, but I want to move in that direction. (Grandparents, please take note). :-)
-Cell phones. We don't have a land line. So if the kids talk on the phone, they are using a cell phone. Devra Davis explained that many countries have outlawed the sale of cell phones to children under 16 because of the health concerns. I'm going to look into this a little more, then I might try to convince Nate that we need a land line.
-I am using a few crafting supplies that have scary warnings on them (like, don't use this if you are pregnant or nursing). I need to do some research to find replacements for these products.
-The statement in this interview that made the most sense to me was (paraphrasing), "If a product has a skull and crossbones on it, or advises you to use it in a well-ventilated area, ask yourself if you really need to use it, or if you can find a safer alternative." That just seems reasonable. I want to follow that rule of thumb in my own home, but I hope other people (not just my friends and family, but, like, the whole world) will listen to this interview and do the same. Because while I can feel like my kids are relatively safe in our home, when they go out into the world I have no control over what other people are spraying on their lawns or countertops. And that scares me. C'mon people. Healthy earth, healthy kids.

Okay. Now I'm done. Moving on...

* Yesterday was an exciting one in the shop. Sold three sets of magnets, no doubt thanks to my exposure on Bloesem. People seem to really like the magnets. Which is great and gratifying. Too bad I'm out of baby food lids. If anyone wants to save theirs for me, I'll give you a fair price. A nickle per lid? How does that sound?

*** Off to get some work done. Happy Friday, everybody. ***


Bonnie said...

Which reminds me!!!! I have 4 or so lids for you. They're clean and ready to be crafted. I also have some baby juice. I don't know if Theo will like it but my bro-in-law's girlfriend's child doesn't and they have lots of them. I thought you and Theo could give them a try though I don't know if they're up your alley.

Paul said...

Doublejobs = double regrets for not visiting you ever. Terribly sorry as always. Possibly getting third and fourth jobs to keep the other two company but then I'd quit the second and voila! I wouldnt work saturdays anymore (clearly working saturdays are the real albatross around "traveling downstate paul"'s fat neck.
Love to the children, parents and purty crafts. Surely Ill visit soon