Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Hello, Neglected Blog.

Boy, I was really on a roll for a while, there. Posting almost every day! Predictably, I got behind on other things and had to take a little break. I'm still behind on lots of things, so this will be short and sweet. A few highlights from the weekend:

Laughed and cried our way through Knocked Up. Brought back few memories. Fell in love with Feist. I know I'm way late to this party. But I can't stop listening to The Reminder.
Went kayaking with S, along with some friends from church. We rode together, he in between my legs. It was a cramped spot for him, and he kept squirming and half-standing, trying to find a comfortable position. For me it was an exercise in self-restraint... I had to refrain from constantly saying, "Sit down, don't move, don't rock," etc. I really didn't want to tip over. But I didn't want to be a nag either. I wanted him to have fun. And he did.
My greatest accomplishment of the day was letting him take control of the oar himself. When I did that, we both relaxed a bit. And that was when we could talk about the blue sky, the birds, the waves, the leaves in the water, and the whales that might be swimming under our kayak. It was a beautiful day. I might be able to post some pictures later.
Love to all.

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