Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Works in Progress

I had to pack a lunch for S today. He had Kids' Club, and the theme was Color. I always try to decorate his lunch bag according to the theme of the program. The food inside is much less impressive. You can draw your own conclusions as to what this says about my mothering.Here is another chair I'm painting. I think I can finish it today while S's gone and T is napping.
Painting these spindles is tedious. I do touch up on touch ups on touch ups. I'll be glad when I'm done painting these chairs. Two more after this one.
Tiny, sharp scissors make tiny, precise cuts. These cut-paper shapes are going to be decoupaged onto a wood doll-crib. More on that later.
Current embroidery project. I'm experimenting with stitching on different types of fabric lately... This is from some Martha Stewart curtains that I'm no longer using. I'll be taking this project with me tomorrow when I work a school-wide garage sale for 6 hours. That should be enough time to make some progress, eh?

Happy Weekend.


Bonnie said...

I love to see your work!
And I still have lids for you. Maybe next time you go to one of the grandma's you can swing by and pick them up quick?

Anonymous said...

ha ha. i can totally relate. a few times this summer darrel came home from work to find me busy at work on some project in the basement, girls playing and NO dinner even remotely thought of. Luckily, he is awesome and just laughs and then I go make pancakes or grilled cheese or some other "fly by the seat of my pants" meal. sarahhedman