Thursday, September 20, 2007

zoom in

You have to believe me when I say we try. We really do. But, despite our best and constant efforts, the house looks like this:and this:

every single day.

Sometimes I have the energy to tackle the whole mess. Other times, like today, I choose to focus on one small area.

"Clear one surface," is what I wrote on my list today. And the top of the jelly cupboard was the smallest surface I could find. It was the lucky winner. I should have taken a before picture, so you could appreciate the improvement. We made a special trip to Target to get the wooden bowl that will now contain cassettes and cd's from the library. And here is the complete vignette. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...........

Seeing this arrangement gives me a great sense of peace. Now if only I could somehow avoid looking at the rest of the house.


Bonnie said...

Maybe this won't be comforting but I've never thought it was that bad... I mean, it's mostly just clutter - toys, books, pillows. (And that kind of clutter really isn't clutter in my world.)

It's not like you have hairball tumbleweeds or dust so thick you can barely read what you wrote in it 2 months ago.

Also - last night I heard this on the radio - a mother talking about how her house is a living museum of her family and their achievements, not just a trend in home decorating. That statement made me think of the shadowbox and it made me appreciate it even more!

Maiasaura said...

Yeah, I know it's not THAT bad. Still, it gets old when you're constantly slipping on books, stepping on tiny, poky plastic animals in your barefeet, or bending over to pick up the same toys again and again.
Then, when you do pick up, you turn around 5 seconds later to find the same scene.
This is just life with young ones, I guess. I can live with it, but I need to believe it won't be this way forever. :-)