Sunday, September 9, 2007

Well, I added more magnets to the shop tonight. I decided to up the price a bit... not that I want to be greedy, but the former price really didn't reflect the amount of time I put into making them. We'll have to see how the new price goes over.

Our weekend has been pleasant. Saturday morning I rode my bike to the library, with S and a huge bagful of books in the trailer. The boys and I go to the library pretty often. I'm trying to replace the love for TV with a love for books. (So far, the siren song of the TV is still overpowering the gentle murmur of books). When all three of us go, it can be a bit hectic. T is all over the place, of course. So we have to keep our trips short.

With just me and S, our visit was leisurely and luxurious. S played on the computer for an hour, while I did some embroidery. Then, to our surprise, it was story time. The librarian who read was fantastic. S was fully engaged.

I was reminded of story-hours we used to attend at the Logan Square library. I guess that was two years ago, and what a difference those two years have made. Taking him to those story-hours of yore was extremely stressful for me. He was in a hitting stage, and would often hit two or three unsuspecting children before I angrily yanked him out of the room and walked home, defeated and embarrassed.

Eventually we stopped going to those story-hours, but I felt so guilty... like I was depriving him of a mandatory childhood experience. It's funny how, with T, I have had so much less guilt, less worry, less obsession about my choices. I'm much more relaxed, and also more patience. I can attribute the behavior to developmental stages, instead of thinking I've got a rotten kid, that I've ruined him. Poor S had to pave the way for my learning all these things. And he's still paving the way. But he's definitely not hitting kids at story-hour anymore. I'm grateful for that.

I'm rambling, and I don't even have a picture to post tonight. Shame on me.
Hope you all had a great weekend.

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