Friday, September 14, 2007

T Report

T is underrepresented on this blog, I know. Yet another injustice to be borne by the second-born. I'm going to attempt to make up for it in this post. Get ready for one thousand pictures of the cutest baby ever.

One drawer on our kitchen is dedicated to tea. For weeks now, T has been intent on emptying the tea drawer every day. There are bags of tea all over the house. He brings them to me as little gifts. "Da," he says, as he hands them to me.Yesterday, I guess the emptying of the tea drawer became old hat. Logical progression = climb into the drawer.And explore the drawer above it.S took this one, and captured a fantastic smile.Then he moved in for a kiss. Or is it a bite? I can't tell.Here he is, looking suave in his new fall duds. I love a baby in distressed denim.This is a typical stance for my young one... Object in mouth, objects in both hands. He loves to carry things around, now that he has mastered walking. See teabag story, above.Probably wishing he could go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. You guys! Fall! Yea!This individual is beautiful.
Beauty, beauty, beauty. What else is there to say?
Next post will be craft related. Promise.


Colin said...

we love the craft-related posts, but anything Theo or Simon related is, of course, superior. Your crafts are important achievements, quite well-made, and awesome, but your kids take the idea of awesome and then multiply it by a number that God hasn't invented yet.

Maiasaura said...

awww, colin. come visit us so i can give you a big hug for that comment.
just so you know, i'm going to try to get the boys to call you unky colin. that okay?