Monday, September 17, 2007

Sunday at the In-Laws'

My birthday is coming up on Sunday, but Nate's folks are going out of town. So we celebrated at their house a week early. I ate way too much and got a fantastic new camera and swanky new camera bag. I was very happy, though you can't tell from this picture.Seriously, with that look on my face, you'd think someone took that moment to tell me that there are children starving in the Sudan. How rude of them. I was trying to open my gift.

Mandatory cute pics of the boys:

And my third boy, boxing his sister on the Wii. These pictures were great... I wish you could see the two of them side by side. But I thought it would be bad form to post pictures of her intently boxing the air for the world to see. Anyway, funny stuff. Nate and I are both sore today from throwing so many hooks.

Don't know if you can tell by his expression, but he won that match.


Colin said...

tell your husband to start eating more meat, the boy looks like he just escaped from Sobibor for chrissakes. But yeah, I'm happy that he won.

nate said...

I've been sick!