Wednesday, September 19, 2007

First Meme

Saw this meme on Pixiegenne. (Don't know how to do the e with an accent; sorry, Meg.) As someone who blogs and reads many blogs, I thought it was interesting. You may or may not agree. :-)

1. Do you promote your blog?
I have a link to my blog on my etsy shop, and I also put my blog address on the business cards. I've recently made more of an effort to leave comments on other craft blogs, which is a subtle form of promotion.
2. How often do you check hits?
I don't even know how to do this. But I don't want to find out, because I know I'd do it way too often. I do check the view count on my etsy items all the time. I'm not proud.
3. Do you stick to one topic?
The topic is my life, or, rather, the pretty parts of my life. In my first post, I said I would write about any creative endeavors, be they craft, house, or food related. I've pretty much stuck to those topics. I also throw in a dash of kids and family. I intended this to be a craft blog, but the fact is the crafts come along a little too slowly for me to post only about them.
4. Who knows that you have a blog?
My friends and family know. That seems to be about it, so far.
5. How many blogs do you read?
Many, many, many. Hold on, let me check my bloglines. 110 feeds. And I'm pretty good at keeping up with them.
6. Are you a fast reader?
No. I read slowly. But I subscribe to most of my blogs for the pictures. Might sound bad, but it's true. They give me inspiration. If something catches my eye, I might slow down and actually read. I do read a few blogs because I think they're very well written. Some don't even have pictures! But mostly I am a skimmer, and a quick one.
7. Do you customize your blog or do anything technical?
No way, dude. Blogger has everything I need. I'm a simple woman. Well, a simple blogger, at least.
8. Do you blog anonymously?
Not really. I refer to my kids, husband, and self by first names. I also post pictures of my kids, which I know people have mixed feelings about. I put my first and last name on the business cards.
9. To what extent do you censor yourself?
Well, I guess I do keep things pretty surface. I don't write about ugliness in my life at all, really. But, here's a big secret. Ready? I actually keep another blog that is read by a tight group of friends only. That is where I will write about depression or parenting struggles or even religion. That's another thing. I'm mindful of trying not to write things that could be perceived as offensive. After all, part of the purpose of this blog is to promote my etsy shop. And I don't want to turn off potential customers. That's just good business sense, right?
10. The best thing about blogging?
I love how blogging lets my friends know what I'm up to. We don't get to see our friends nearly often enough, and writing my blog (and reading theirs) lets me feel connected. I value that a lot.

And there you have my complete blog history. If you made it to the end, I love you. Goodnight!


Megan said...

here, here on no. 10. And no. 9 for that matter.

meg said...

yay - thanks for playing along