Sunday, September 2, 2007

Cave-Making, Garbage-Picking

Here's a little of what's been going on at our house this week.

The TV remains "broken," as far as S is concerned. During the time slot that used to be reserved for Sesame Street, I've been trying to come up with simple, fun activities. For this super-easy project, I found a battered box in the basement and cut out a large opening in one side. Then we scouted out all the black and brown paper we could find and tore it into pieces. S especially liked that bit. The paper was glued onto the box in willy-nilly, mosaic style. In 20 minutes, we had a dinosaur cave that has led to hours of imaginative play. Beautiful.

Earlier the same morning, I went out for a walk with T in the stroller. As we strolled past one house, I saw a chair and a headboard on the curb that looked promising. I went back in the car when we were done with our walk. The headboard was broken and the chair was battered, so I left them where they were. Instead, I found a nice frame and three books. I'll cut them up for collage and other crafts as I see fit.

I was especially excited about finding two books about shorthand transcription. I now own hundreds of pages of this funky scripted language. I see lots of possibility for these pages.My grandma learned Gregg Shorthand when she was a young woman, attending secretarial school. She still writes herself notes using shorthand. When I lived with her for a short stint in college, I would come across these notes and wonder why my grandma's handwriting sometimes looked fine and sometimes was indecipherable. Eventually she had to explain that it was whole different system for writing. She pointed to each curve and dot and told me what they meant. I was amazed.
I think it might be funny to write her a letter soon, opening with a sentence or two of shorthand. Before I cut these books up, I'll see if I can teach myself to write, "Hello, Grandma. How are you?" She would get a kick out of that.


Colin said...

I'm thinking I'd like to come see you guys in October sometime. Fall visits are the best.

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