Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sorry for the long absence. Our schedules around here have gone haywire. I think T is trying to transition to one nap. This is an adjustment in many ways... my free time has been essentially cut in half. My exercise routine has also been affected. He sleeps later in the morning now, so we can't make our 6 am - 7 am walking slot. Possibly the worst result of this change is that we have a very grumpy baby in the afternoons. He refuses to take two naps, but the one nap is clearly not enough sleep, as evidenced by the upswing in fussiness.


I've had several migraines lately, a new and very unwelcome addition to my life. Yesterday I thought I might die if I didn't lay down in a dark room that very instant. Grandma Debbie came to the rescue, watching the boys so I could sleep it off. Much better today.


Earlier in the summer I had weaned S from the TV almost completely. Then in the last few weeks the TV viewing made a huge comeback. He was watching probably 3-4 hours a day, and I was feeling incredibly guilty. This week I unplugged the cable and told him the TV was broken. I can still put in a dvd in case of a parenting emergency, but, for the most part, the tube has been off. I feel good about this choice, even though it means I have less time for crafting. Without the distraction of television, S pretty much demands that I --- gasp! --- interact with him. So, now I have less free time, but I also have significantly less motherly guilt. That was the trade off, and for now I'm sticking with my decision.


Our summer CSA shares have been incredible. More quantity, more variety, truly bountiful. It's hard to pick a favorite out of the beautiful veggies we've been enjoying, but, if you twisted my arm, I'd have to say the tomatoes. They are fabulous. There are a million things to do with tomatoes, of course, myriad ways to cook them. I've really wanted to let them shine, though, and am trying to serve them in their raw glory. Often we will just slice, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and eat. Nothing you could have said would have convinced my 15 year old self that I would one day eat tomatoes in this fashion, willingly and with gusto. We've also been devouring some tasty BLT's. Also ALT's (avocado instead of bacon). I can have a delicious, juicy, dripping BLT for 5 weight watcher's points (I get 23 in a day, so 5 is a cheap price to pay for a sandwich that feels like an indulgence).

Here's a picture of a veggie-centric dinner we had last week. Steamed beans, embellished with the yogurt-tahini sauce you see in the background, tomatoes, corn muffins, and my first attempt at okra. I fried it up in some peanut oil, and the pieces that didn't get burnt were yummy.

For dessert was watermelon, of the yellow variety. Looked different, tasted similarly delicious, each mouthful bringing to mind all that is good and wholesome in this world.
Hope you're all enjoying some of summer's treats as well.


Colin said...

Oooh, BLTs and ALTs sound pretty great right now. . . . can I ask, specifically, how much of each thing goes on the sandwich? Like, is it one slice of bacon, one slice tomato, one lettuce layer? Two each? etc. I'm curious because I plan to integrate BLTs and ALTs into my fall meal plans for the household.

Maiasaura said...

Well, basically we pile on as much as we can. And hold the sandwich together using toothpicks. Some things we measure out for the diet's sake... two strips of bacon, 1 tbls mayo, half an avocado. Lettuce and tomato are at the sandwich maker's discretion. I think we usually use 1 large tomato for two sandwiches. And maybe 4 romaine leaves per sandwich.
Really, though, it's all up to you. We all must choose our own paths in life. And sandwiches.

Bonnie said...

Had you heard of yellow watermelons before Farmer Henry? This girl sure didn't know they existed.