Monday, August 27, 2007

How We're Living: Superman Returns in Three Installments

It's rare that Nate and I watch a movie in one sitting these days. We are too tired, generally. Sometimes there are twenty minutes left, and we just can't make it. At that point, we either go up to bed, or get up and make a snack to keep us going. This weekend we went with the previous option. We watched part of Superman Returns on Saturday night, part of it Sunday afternoon while Nate did his week's ironing, and the final installment on Sunday night. I thought it was pretty entertaining. I found I was very forgiving of anything that might have otherwise bothered me(cheesy dialog, for instance), because I assumed that the artistic choices were mirroring the comic book, which I've conveniently never read. At the end I wished Superman and Lois would've had a girl. But I'm guessing they went with the comic book on that one.
Saturday was very full, by our home-body standards. First, we visited the summer festival of a nearby small town, where we met my parents, brother, and sister-in-law. The boys had fun watching all the people, listening to live country music, and playing in the bouncy castle (well, just S on that last one).

After ReaganFest (yeah, I know!), we met up with Nate's sister to play her new Wii. That was really fun. My arms were sore from the boxing game. Though he struggled mightily with the turn-taking aspect of playing Wii, S loved the games. I think Nate might ask for one for his birthday. I told him we could use the boxing game to work out all our marital spats. My arms are going to be so buff.

When the Wiimotes were finally put away, the boys had a little romp in Grandma Deb's fountain. It was a gorgeous day.

Hope you had an equally gorgeous weekend.

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Bonnie said...

So that's why everyone was walking around with slips of paper and balloons!