Thursday, August 2, 2007

Catch Up

We had a great trip to Ohio. T didn't sleep. At all. That part of the trip was terrible, and ultimately caused us to head home a bit early. But the friends part, the visiting part, that was marvelous. I daydream about future trips, future visits... the opportunity to watch our boys grow up together is something I treasure deeply.

Yesterday I had a dentist's appointment, my first check up since we got married nearly five years ago. I was nervous, afraid of any unpleasant discoveries. But, happily, I am a flossing/brushing GENIUS. Seriously, my very nice dental hygienist oooed and aahhed for the entire cleaning, expressing disbelief at how good my teeth looked after 4 years without the oversight of a dentist. I felt like a rockstar. The only bad news is that I'm supposed to get my wisdom teeth out. Boo.

This morning I was out for a walk with T in the stroller. An elderly gentleman in a truck blocked the intersection I was about to cross and beckoned me over to the vehicle. I felt a slight surge of mama-bear protective adrenaline, but figured he just needed directions and approached the truck.
"Have you ever cooked okra?" he asked.
"Uh, no. I like to cook, but I've never cooked okra," I replied.
"Okay. Thanks."
And then he drove away. HUH??? What was that about? I can't imagine.

This afternoon we were shopping at Meijer. A woman walked by displaying what were, in my opinion, some very unfortunate aesthetic choices. Extremely tan, bleached blond hair, and thick rings of black liner around her eyes. I noticed her but kept walking, focused on keeping T happy and S reasonably close to me. I didn't think to wonder whether S had seen the woman. A few seconds later, though, I heard him singing a little ditty softly: "Some people have really weird eyes."
Oh my goodness. Nate and I had a good belly laugh about that one later.

T is starting to walk!!! So far he's done three consecutive steps. It won't be long now before he's toddling around the house. Unbelievable. Where has my little baby gone?

Our laptop is at the doctor's. I'm using Nate's work computer right now. All these random stories have been saved up until I had a chance to type them up... I'm computer-less during the days for now. I miss it a lot, I have to say, but these past few days have been quite productive.

Hopefully the computer will be back soon and I can post pictures of some things I've been working on.

Now go have a good night. But don't forget to floss.


Colin said...

Dear Laura and the fam,
I'm glad you guys made it back from Ohio in one piece. I'm hoping to come visit you sometime in the next couple of months, so expect a phone call sometime soon.

Maiasaura said...

That will be fantastic. Just name the day.

Daniel said...

Sounds like the family is staying busy. You've never cooked Okra? C'mon, Laura...I was hoping to get a good recipe from you. I think you need to start experimenting with that one.

Maiasaura said...

I know, I know.... what kind of a chef can I claim to be, having never touched okra??? Especially after living in Southern Illinois for a spell?
If we get some in our CSA share, I promise to try it and share a recipe.