Wednesday, July 25, 2007

This day is dedicated to one thing only:

Packing for our trip to Cleveland Heights, Ohio! A few months ago some good friends moved there. I can't wait to see them and check out the new house, new dog, and new neighborhood.

Sure, I'm a little nervous about the trip... 7 1/2 hours of driving with two little ones in the backseat. Many potential problems come to mind. Also, once we get there, will T sleep? Will the kids play sweetly (our friends have a toddler, too) or will we be referees all weekend?
More than nervous, though, I am excited. I can't wait to spend a few days with two very good friends, an ingredient sorely lacking from our everyday lives in Bloomington.

In addition to packing, I want to try to pick up some messes and maybe vacuum. It's a nice feeling to come back to a clean home (even though it will immediately be destroyed by the process of unpacking).


This week I've been busy working on more magnets. I'm planning to send out a mass email next month, announcing the shop and this blog to everyone I know. If you are reading this now, clearly you don't need to receive said email. But a lot of old friends and relatives haven't yet heard about my latest crafty endeavors. Before I send out that email, I want to restock the shop. Magnets have been my most successful sellers, so I'm dedicating most of my crafting time to making more sets.

It's fun to make these magnets. And I love each one dearly. At the risk of sounding full of myself, I'll admit that I look at every one of them over and over again. I love them individually and I love how the sets work together.


Lately I've been wanting to do something else with my embroidery... something more artistic and expressive. Something more reflective of myself. So far I've been using children's book illustrations as my designs. I love them, they are precious. But they are not exactly my own creations. Here are a few sources of embroidery inspiration that I've stumbled across recently. Hopefully soon I'll have something of my own to show you.

Ethel Wright Mohamed is called the Grandma Moses of stitchery. She created amazing embroidered scenes from her life. I learned about her work via Whip Up.

Suzanne Carlsen is making these great shields and badges. They are hand embroidered and then paired with the metal shapes to form the final product. So cute. I guess Suzanne doesn't have a website, but I saw her work at Poppytalk.

And Maggy Hiltner is making some fantastic fine art, using vintage fabrics and hand-stitched figures. Again, saw her work at Poppytalk.

And, now, I really have to get busy. Okay, packing. Here I go.
Have a good weekend, everybody.



Colin said...

OMG, I just read Simon's letter and it's quite possibly the awesomest letter I've ever gotten. Kids are much better than adults at getting to the important stuff.
I shall write him back soon, as soon as I figure out what can possibly be as cool as dino sticker collages. Ok, nothing is as cool as dino sticker collages. . but something maybe vaguely cool.

Felicia said...

Enjoy your trip :)