Sunday, July 22, 2007

Quick Craft: Dinosaur Tail

Scene: Four year old finds father's belt. Holds one end above his rump and swings it around, announcing he it is his ankylosaurus tail.
Problem: One year old is centimeters away from getting whacked in the face by a belt buckle.

Solution: Quickly grab belt, give it back to father. In same motion, grab pad of large construction paper. Have four year old pick out color, then proceed to cut out an ankylosaurus tail. Reinforce top with packing tape, punch four holes, then lace string through holes. Tie onto waist of four year old.

Result: one year old retains unblemished face, four year old derives 20 minutes of pleasure from three minutes of effort. Great success.

1 comment:

Colin said...

next time I see you, I'm going to thrash my belt around as a steggo tail, in the hopes that you will make a dino tail for me!e