Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Back at it.

This week I've been back at the craft desk. Here is my workspace, covered by magnet-making mess. Making magnets creates piles of paper, scraps of paper, feathers of paper, slivers of paper. Everywhere. What you can't see in the picture is paper all over the floor, dumped out of the trash can by T. Happens at least twice a day.

We picked up our veggies from Farmer Henry last night. When we pulled into the church parking lot, the sky was darkening with huge ominous clouds. S wanted to play on a nearby playground, and I tried to tell him we couldn't stay long because of the threatening sky. I expressed this warning a few times, in fact. Still, he played happily until he heard another mom telling her daughter to come to the car! It's going to rain! Look at the sky! Immediately, S ran to me and screamed that we had to run to the car. I guess he needed to hear a second opinion.

Our share last night was the biggest yet, in terms of quantity. We came home with broccoli, daikon, cucumbers, cabbage, chard, zucchini, and amazingly fragrant basil. I was salivating in the car.
Tonight our dinner was spaghetti with zucchini and basil. Delicious.
Coming attractions:
-Stir fry with broc, daikon (Japanese radish), and kohlrabi (from last week), with chicken and jasmine rice.
-Trouchia (Chard and onion omelet)
-Poached Cod with cabbage and peas
-Potato cabbage soup
-Cucumber sandwiches with spicy chickpea spread
Gee willakers, isn't my family lucky to have me plan their meals? Now if only my kids would eat what I cook. We're working on it....

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Colin said...

chard omelet. . . mmmmmmm!!! Seriously, that is some sweetness.