Sunday, June 24, 2007

Where The Party At

Saturday has come and gone, and with it T's first birthday party.

Living nearby both sets of grandparents definitely has benefits, and I don't have any problem taking advantage of them. In order to give myself ample time to prepare for this party, I sent S away for a couple days of grandparent fun. He spent Thursday night with Nate's parents and Friday night with mine, then arrived at the party on Saturday along with all the other guests. When he got home he was exhausted, but I know he had a great time.
With S gone, I spent most of my free time on decorations.

I made the birthday banner using this machine, which was a joint Christmas gift for me, my sister, and sister-in-law. They use it more than me, because they are scrapbookers. But it came in handy for this project.
Look at these gorgeous hanging pompoms. They were not part of my party. But they did inspire me to make some of my own. They were exceedingly easy to do. I found them here.
And here are mine. Not quite as nice, but I didn't have a team of professionals to style the picture, either.
Martha didn't only inspire me in the decorations department. I got the cake recipe from her too. It came from one of my old Martha Stewart Kids magazines (RIP). Carrot cake especially designed for babies, with no egg whites, for easy baby-tummy digestion. Here is the page from MSKids. I covet that cake stand.Here are my cupcakes in progress. Cream cheese icing. Yum.And here is the final product. Little bits of candied carrot on the little cupcakes.

Here is the beautiful boy whose birth we celebrated. I think he liked the watermelon even more than his cake.

He is a good natured individual, and the three hours of his party were no exception. He had fun playing with his cousins, snuggling with his grandmas, exploring new toys.
I have to give a shout out to Bonnie and Travis. This toy is the biggest hit, I think. Brilliant in its simplicity.
Here I am in my pretty party dress. I haven't bought many clothes in the past year, as I'm working to fit into my old clothes. But I thought I deserved something cute to wear for the party... a reward for gestating and delivering this fine boy into the world.
I love you, T Palmer. My second and last baby, my light, my smile. Now you are one!


Colin said...

I'm totally hiring you to decorate my next birthday party. Well done. The cupcakes look mighty tasty.

Bonnie said...

They were mighty tasty.

Megan said...

Pretty dress, and nice hair!

Maiasaura said...

Why, thank you!