Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Trying to Give Him the Bug

I've wanted to have a craft day with S for a while. This may be an entirely selfish endeavor, as he's not particularly interested in crafty activities. But, he remains a young child, a young child in constant competition with an even younger sibling --- as such, he's in no position to turn down an offer of one-on-one attention. Though he'd much rather be playing dinosaurs, he'll settle for crafts if it means special time with mom.

As I said, I've been thinking about this for some time now. Before, I had schemed to do a weekly craft time. Every Sunday afternoon, perhaps. But adding something new to our existing routines is hard. It never happens. Instead, I just picked a couple free days at random on the calendar, about 2 weeks apart. I wrote "craft day" in those blocks, and I showed S.

Then I gave him one of my many kids' crafts books and told him to pick out a few that looked fun to him. He marked the pages with post-its. Later, I looked through his choices and made a list of the supplies we needed.
Up first: Spring friends, Mr. Chicky and Ms. Bun.
The chicks were good. Just the right difficulty level, plenty of things he could do himself. Shaking the cotton balls in a bag was a favorite.White cotton balls go in, yellow ones come out!He especially thought it was cool to use a real egg shell.Here are our chicks, in a felted nest from Janna. They'll be great decorations for next spring, if they make it that long.

Next up we worked on the little bunny. This one was slightly less successful. S was starting to lose interest, and there weren't as many 4-year-old friendly tasks in the craft. It took a lot of cutting and drawing, two things S preferred to leave to me. He did enjoy gluing on the cotton ball tail, though.And here is the finished bunny.
It was a good first try. It's not as easy as it looks, picking an appropriate craft for a young one. I think we need to try something that will give him a little more artistic freedom... something without a picture dictating how the final product should look. Sometimes he is so focused on said picture that he is disappointed when his doesn't turn out looking just so. Also, I could stand to loosen up a bit about the whole process. I need to allow him to make messes, for one thing, and not snap at him to keep it all neat (who, me? never).
All in all, a good morning activity. I think we'll have many happy crafting sessions to come.

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Colin said...

the finished product looks pretty rad. Big ups to Simon.