Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Magnet Mania = CSA Neglect

S has been gone every morning this week, attending a summer church program with his cousins, aunt, and uncle. His absence coincides nicely with T's nap, so I have had a few hours each morning to use as I please (provided I stay in the house).

So, I've been making magnets. Magnets and more magnets.
Quite addictive, they are.I have seven sets done now.
If I can ever find time to take some proper pictures, they'll go up in the shop.

So focused on the magnet-making, I was, that I failed to do a write-up about our CSA veggies this week! I also failed to do the use-up-all-the-veggies-dinner-planning-session last night, and subsequent grocery shop this morning... I really should've done all those things. Tonight we had scrambled eggs for dinner. That means the rest of this week we'll be scrambling to use all the produce from Farmer Henry. These vegetables are like ticking time bombs: use them up before they explode into a pile of soggy rot!

Here's what we picked up last night: garlic, green onions, lettuce, more lettuce, arugula, rhubarb, japanese turnips, baby carrots.

My plans to use this stuff are looser than usual, because our haul was so lettuce-heavy. We'll do a pasta dish that includes the turnips and serve it with green salad. We'll have another salad with grilled chicken, blue cheese, green onions, etc. And we'll make another rhubarb cake to take to my family's father's day celebration. So, basically, it's a salad week. (I hope that's okay, honey.)

Speaking of Father's Day, I still have to get gifts. Dang.


Bonnie said...

They're lovely. Especially the polka dots. I haven't like polka dots since about 4th grade but they're coming back in my life.

miriam said...

thanks for your comment on my blog =))
yes, I'm very busy at this moment... but it's good ;)