Sunday, June 3, 2007

It's a craft blog.

Hello and Welcome to MaiasauraMade. On this blog I plan to document all of my crafty endeavors. This might include crafting in the literal sense (paper, scissors, glue, etc.), cooking, decorating, and any other area in life where I feel able to express myself creatively.

All of my favorite craft blogs feature lots of pictures, so one of my goals is to post plenty of pictures. Please, if you have some time, check out some of the links I've posted. These are blogs I visit almost daily. They never fail to inspire.

I also want to use this blog to announce updates to my etsy shop, whenever those may occur. I want to start slow, giving myself reasonable goals. A shop update every three months is what I'm shooting for, even if I only have 2 or 3 items to add.

Finally, I guess I'll end this post by explaining the name of the blog and etsy shop: MaiasauraMade. About a year ago, my firstborn son started getting really into dinosaurs, as three year old boys are wont to do. Eventually, he christened each family member with a dinosaur name: Daddy was an Ovaraptor, S was a Velociraptor, Mommy was a Maiasaura, and baby T got a custom-created name, Theosaurus. The assigning of names was cute. We each learned to answer to our given dinosaur alias.

A few weeks later, we were looking through one of our many dinosaur-themed books and I read that Maiasaura means "good mother lizard." I know that when he donned me Maiasaura, S had no intention of complimenting my mothering skills. Still, I found the name and its meaning utterly endearing. So I have brought it with me into this crafting venture. I love it so.


miriam said...

so... welcome to the blogosphere! ;))



Alex said...

Welcome to blogland! Have fun.
Greetings from Japan :-)

Celeste said...

Oh my god Laura. I'm glad I called you today. I just caught up on the last six months of your life and creations by reading about ninety of your blogs. But you want the personal communication to happen at wutang, so it will. Off I go.