Monday, June 25, 2007

I Can't Help Myself

When I started this blog I thought I would go the no-pictures-of-the-kids route. Several blogs I read avoid putting pictures of their kids on their sites, and for a minute it seemed like a good idea.

Then I remembered how delicious my boys' faces are. And I changed my mind, just like that.

One day when S was gone last week, he went to Old Settlers Days. That's the name of the summer carnival in my tiny hometown, the same I went to every summer as a kid. My dad took so many pictures, I felt like I was there with them. The brunette beauty pictured with S is my niece, Lily. My mom is with them too.
It looks like they hit every thing. The gigantic slide, the tattoo parlor, the cars, the motorcycles, and the big bouncy castle.
When I was in eighth grade, I spent a bizarre afternoon at Old Settlers, hanging out with the cool kids. These were kids who would have been friendly to me at school, but who I rarely saw outside of school. As I remember it, I happened to run into them at the carnival, and they invited me to stick with them. I spent the afternoon in a state of shock. At one point, I got on a ride with one of the most popular boys in school. He was a short squirt named Trent. We got on the Salt N Pepper Shaker and before I could ponder the miraculous event of finding myself in a small metal pod with the most popular boy in school, my stomach lurched. Thank God, I didn't puke on him. I puked into the hat I was wearing. The cool kids escorted me into the Metamora Courthouse, where Abraham Lincoln visited, so I could wash out my hat in the sink. And that ended my afternoon with the popular crowd.

Look at that face. I almost exploded when I saw this picture. I can't stand it. He is fantastic.

One more story. The summer before my junior year in high school, I was taking ballet lessons at a small studio on the town square. One night, I rode my bike to my lesson. Afterwards, I noticed that the square was empty except for the carnival workers disassembling all the Old Settlers rides and games. I felt nervous about riding down a dark street full of carnies, so I took a different route home. And then I got hit by a minivan. I didn't get on a bike again for 3 years.

Here is the kind of picture I could post if I had stuck with my decision not to post my kids' faces. It's a great one, but I'm happy with my choice to display his beauty to the world.

Speaking of beauty, here's this one.

I have to keep things fair, don't I? I can't post a million pics of S and none of T.
People often comment on how much like me T looks. I have to say, they are right! And, I have never felt more confident in my good looks.
I mean, if my face looks anything like this one, I'm happy.
Excuse my lady lump.

Yeah, seriously. If I resemble this baby at all, then Nate is one lucky man. Are you reading this, honey? One lucky man. Don't you forget it. XOXO

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